“He chose The Metamorphosis over The Trial, he chose Bartleby over Moby-Dick, he chose A Simple Heart over Bouvard and Pecuchet, and A Christmas Carol over A Tale of Two Cities or The Pickwick Papers. What a sad paradox, thought Amalfitano. Now even bookish pharmacists are afraid to take on the great, imperfect, torrential works, books that blaze paths into the unknown. They choose the perfect exercises of the great masters. Or what amounts to the same thing: they want to watch the great masters spar, but they have no interest in real combat, when the great masters struggle against that something, that something that terrifies us all, that something that cows us and spurs us on, amid blood and mortal wounds and stench.”

– Roberto Bolaño, 2666 (2004)


“Je suis coupable de parler. Je suis coupable de ne pas parler. Je suis coupable de parler infidèlement à l’immensité du malheur qui fait ma grandeur déniée. On devrait être Dante, et on est Li Pharine. On trahit la malheur, on se trahit.”

– Hélène Cixous, “Orphées Khmers”, Cambodge, Le Génocide Effacé (2011).

genocide is outside of the UN’s mandate

Indonesian genocide in West Papua is non-genocide because it does not qualify as: ‘intentional efforts to wipe out all or part of indigenous West Papuans as a distinct racial and ethnic group’ (c/o UN human rights office of the high commissioner).

The following acts shall be punishable:
(a) Genocide;
(b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
(c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
(d) Attempt to commit genocide;
(e) Complicity in genocide.


“The UN’s decolonisation committee will not accept a petition signed by 1.8 million West Papuans calling for independence, saying West Papua’s cause is outside the committee’s mandate.” (The Guardian, Sep. 30, 2017)

Meanwhile, Canadian economy grows, adds new jobs, bloats prosperity, raises a glass to new booming profits:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014: Indonesia presents ‘big opportunities’ for Canadian business, specifically, Hatfield Consultants Limited, Vancouver BC. “In addition to Canada, Hatfield has established offices in Indonesia, Laos, and Botswana and business partners in Chile and Thailand” and “We specialize in undertaking complex, multi-disciplinary environmental projects, often in collaboration with networks of local experts and specialists in particular fields.” Sales: $9.0 million – Exports: $2.5 million. “Big players such as Manulife Financial Corp., Sun Life Financial Inc., Vale Ltd. (formerly Inco Ltd.), Bombardier Inc. and BlackBerry Ltd. are firmly established in Indonesia. Now it is time for smaller companies to explore this rich terrain, experts say.” such an exciting place – Export Development Canada. “Indonesia’s new president, Joko Widodo, is a young, self-made businessman who seems open to foreign investment.

Entropy Magazine’s Best of 2017: Best Poetry Books & Collections

Outplace has been listed by Entropy Magazine / CCM Press on the Best of 2017: Best Poetry Books & Collections list. Thank you to the Entropy and CCM community. It’s an honour to be on the list with:

Kaveh Akbar, Rosa Alcalá, Hari Alluri, Ghayath Almadhoun, Samiya Bashir, Frank Bidart, Catherine Blauvelt, Molly McCully Brown, Chen Chen, Ching-in Chen, Chiwan Choi, Heather Derr-Smith, Alex Dimitrov, Ángel Domínguez, Julia Drescher, Leanne Dunic, Marosa di Giorgio, Jorie Graham, Leslie Harrison, Harmony Holiday, Joanna Howard & Joanna Ruocco, Jenny Johnson, Ginger Ko, Krystal Languell, Nancy Chen Long, Layli Longsoldier, Robert Lunday, Shane MacCrae, Aditi Machado, Amit Majmudar (ed.), Dawn Lundy Martin, Adrian Matejka, Aja Monet, Kelli Anne Noftle, Morgan Parker, Bao Phi, Tommy Pico, Alejandra Pizarnik, Khadijah Queen, Margaret Rhee, Jess Rizkallah, Mg Roberts, Lauren Russell, Erika L. Sánchez, Sam Sax, Nicole Sealey, Natalie Shapero, Danez Smith, Maggie Smith, Farid Tali, Monica de la Torre, Mai Der Vang, Vickie Vértiz, Vanessa Angélica Villarreal, Nikki Wallschlaeger, Alli Warren, Andrew Wessels, Dara Wier, and Javier Zamora.

The list is here: https://entropymag.org/best-of-2017-best-poetry-books-collections/


To Justify Land: Greenwashing Gentrification

To Justify Land 2: Greenwashing Gentrification is republished by the Media Co-Op:

full article: http://mediacoop.ca/story/justify-land-greenwashing-gentrification/36636

Among Windmill’s other useful affiliate companies are construction and building contractors Ledcor:  “We work in concert with a broad team of other green industry professionals under the banner of Ledcor Renew to perform deep green sustainability retrofits on institutional properties and corporate portfolios” [Ledcor] – a portfolio that includes EnCana, Enbridge, Shell, Suncor Energy, the “renewable energy” projects of hydro-electric dams in Fitzimmons Creek (Whistler, BC), Ashlu Creek (Squamish, BC), and wind and solar farms owned respectively by oil company Suncor and gold mining company Barrick Gold. “Under the banner of Ledcor Renew” regurgitates the same dynamic of “deep” greenwashing an industry of poison that, in the eyes of investors and other stakeholders, absolves extractive companies of their destructive nature. “Ledcor continues to work with their longtime client Shell on their Albian Sands Expansion which began in 2006.

Windmill  also  wholly  owns  a  sustainable  development  consulting  company,  Buildgreen Consulting,  that  is currently consulting  on a  diversity of  projects  across North  America  including  venues  for  the  2010  Vancouver  Olympic  Games,  2014  Halifax Commonwealth  Games  Bid  and  a  complete  sustainable  resort  village  in Loreto  Bay,  Mexico.” [Capital Communiqué, ASHRAE: American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Ottawa Valley Chapter. October 2007.]


In Poetics of Resistance, Jeff Conant cites a letter from Zapatisa Commondante Marcos, as translated by Irlandesa:

When Roqué Dalton wrote that it was possible to arrive “at the revolution by way of poetry,” the leaders of the El Salvadoran ERP planned the assassination of the guerilla poet for “being misguided” and an “enemy agent”. Today the old “revolutionary” leadership of the ERP makes alliances with the criminal right wing of El Salvador, while from the tomb Roqué continues cursing Power and walking towards the revolution on the path of poetry. Is there any similarity here? It seems that, for being just a handful of poets, we’re given plenty of problems to Power, no?