“I will tell the audient void…”


I will tell the audient void…” Zvi + Cetacea + Topon Das + Mark Molnar @ Black Squirrel Books: http://www.ottawashowbox.com/2014/08/zvi-cetacea-topon-das-mark-molnar-anti-music-black-squirrel-books/

Ottawa-based experimental cellist and mastermind of local label Black Bough Records, Mark Molnar is a regular solo performer at Black Squirrel and was the first musician to take the spotlight. Manipulating the cello’s thick sound through an incomprehensible array of pedals and switches, Molnar delivered a palette of sounds that would blur from emulating peaceful, throaty woodwind to the shrieking demon of a possessed synth. Molnar’s distorted cello reveals a consistent exploration of the physicality of sound: every movement of the bow would resonate through the body and left a very tangible impression.

It is evident when Molnar performs that he does not necessarily work with a single narrative throughout an individual track. This makes sense when considering the influence of free-jazz and improvisation on his other projects, including participating in the Improvising Musicians of Ottawa/Outaouais (IMOO). The compositions instead weave together visual fragments, ideas of scenes which manifest through tone that is heavy with symbol. These subtle images might appear as the shadow of a prayer call from the parapet of a shrine, the rumbling undertow of a black hole, or even a gentle reference to the cello’s classical voice.