Sketches after “Far and Near and Here”

the-wave-or-my-destiny-1857-victor-hugoFULL ARTICLE:Sketches after Far & Near & Here

The voice, especially that of the written word, allows for a quiet understanding of another, far removed from the noise and mess of the social program. In the absence of all those other seemingly important things, such as a body, it is almost reasonable to attribute an entire world, much less a single identity, to the voice of monologues which we too share. It makes sense to budge the walls of an inner world just enough to include the allusion of a person behind those orderly and attentive words.

Anonymous voices, they share thoughts about ordinary things, revealed through letters, through scribbles of fish on the margins of dream journals, through objects – anything but themselves. She rests her idea of him on this intangible glimmer of the person that comes through his letters. They place faith in response, with little expectancy and every hope. He writes.