Alice Lee Boone’s “The Progress of Error: or, the Recursive Eighteenth Century”

Boone cites my article: “The Radical Capacity of Glitch Art: Expression through an Aesthetic Rooted in Error“.

The Progress of Error: or, the Recursive Eighteenth Century
Alice Lee Boone

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Excerpt from her abstract:

“The same debates about errors in perception and transmission of knowledge which engaged Enlightenment philosophers such as Francis Bacon, George Berkeley and John Locke took place on the margins of pages as editors debated how to use these new tools of mediation. My dissertation historicizes and breaks down these protocols and interactions into their smallest radical units—errors—with the goal of theorizing how these procedures have come to constitute both objects of study and critical practices in the field of literary study. It is a meta-reflective experiment in mediating among fields of book history, media theory, experimental poetics and digital art, and disciplinary histories to ask questions about where we may go next.”

(image by KARBORN, from the Redefine article)