like the bad guys


Gilles Châtelet, “To Live and Think Like Pigs: The Incitement of Envy and Boredom in Market Democracies”:

Young nomads, we love you! Be yet more modern, more mobile, more fluid, if you don’t want to end up like your ancestors in the muddy fields of Verdun. The Great Market is your draft board! Be light, anonymous, precarious like drops of water or soap bubbles: this is the true equality, that of the Great Casino of life! If you’re not fluid, you will very quickly become losers. You will not be admitted into the Great Global SuperBoom of the Great Market… Be absolutely modern (like Rimbaud), be a nomad, be fluid – or check out, like a viscous loser!” (page 75 from the Urbanomic edition)

monday, fired, tuesday, condos:
a poem

“But that’s exactly their ploy.
So that one day, you’re looking back and thinking,
‘Damn, they could just fire me’.”

“—Just so you know where things are headed.”

watch –
who’s got you on the noose?

“You’ll have to lose a bit of your soul.”
no –

money no –

We want to do marketing that’s not legible as marketing.
We don’t want people to know they are being sold to.

“—and so the parts are manufactured in Vietnam.”
“So, you know, there’s a real opportunity there.”
“It’s not all a bed of roses.”

“raise the stakes”
might as well

“might as well be selling
groceries, place the highest bid on that corner lot,
and sell groceries and diapers—

this is the taste of an award-winning education
the taste of a career the taste of living
among beautiful objects

“I do like those tables.”
to make a culture –
how do we get over 2k followers?
“feels like public masturbation”
award-oriented derivative social service
you don’t know how much you really want it

“how do you feel about designing luxury bathrooms you will never see?
does that make you feel –

Let’s call it.

“it’s a 12 million dollar condominium”
“visioning – yielding unexpected and innovative results – architecture through development”

watch –
who’s got your soul
now –
“a real opportunity here.”

“I’m writing you a check right now.”