what can you bring to the board of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation?

Q: You have a strong background in finance, business and cultural and community work. What can you bring to the board?

A: I would say that when I read and did some research about the board, I saw some budget deficits as well which have been experienced by the board in the last few years. So with my background in finance and business, I would say that—I don’t know all the details at this current point, to be honest. But if I know the details, I can also contribute in such a way to see if we can save some wastages with what’s happening and we can divert those. Resources are needed for this board, for sure. Mental health issues are on the increase in this province, so definitely resources are needed. At the same time, we have to wisely and properly use the resources so that the resources are used for the right reason, and to impact positively on the people who need them.