(detail from “Four Visions of the Hereafter” (1505-1515) by Hieronymus Bosch)

from Paterson by William Carlos Williams (1946):

“We go on living, we permit ourselves
to continue—but certainly
not for the university, what they publish
severally or as a group: clerks
got out of hand forgetting for the most part
to whom they are beholden.

. . .

Who restricts knowledge? Some say
it is the decay of the middle class
making an impossible moat between the high
and the low where
the life once flourished . . knowledge
of the avenues of information—
So that we do not know (in time)
where the stasis lodges. And if it is not
the knowledgeable idiots, the university,
they at least are the non-purveyors
should be devising means
to leap the gap. Inlets? The outward
masks of the special interests
that perpetuate the stasis and make it

They block the release
that should cleanse and assume
prerogatives as a private recompense.
Others are at fault because
they do nothing.”