To Justify Land: Greenwashing Gentrification

To Justify Land 2: Greenwashing Gentrification is republished by the Media Co-Op:

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Among Windmill’s other useful affiliate companies are construction and building contractors Ledcor:  “We work in concert with a broad team of other green industry professionals under the banner of Ledcor Renew to perform deep green sustainability retrofits on institutional properties and corporate portfolios” [Ledcor] – a portfolio that includes EnCana, Enbridge, Shell, Suncor Energy, the “renewable energy” projects of hydro-electric dams in Fitzimmons Creek (Whistler, BC), Ashlu Creek (Squamish, BC), and wind and solar farms owned respectively by oil company Suncor and gold mining company Barrick Gold. “Under the banner of Ledcor Renew” regurgitates the same dynamic of “deep” greenwashing an industry of poison that, in the eyes of investors and other stakeholders, absolves extractive companies of their destructive nature. “Ledcor continues to work with their longtime client Shell on their Albian Sands Expansion which began in 2006.

Windmill  also  wholly  owns  a  sustainable  development  consulting  company,  Buildgreen Consulting,  that  is currently consulting  on a  diversity of  projects  across North  America  including  venues  for  the  2010  Vancouver  Olympic  Games,  2014  Halifax Commonwealth  Games  Bid  and  a  complete  sustainable  resort  village  in Loreto  Bay,  Mexico.” [Capital Communiqué, ASHRAE: American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Ottawa Valley Chapter. October 2007.]