continent. // editing for issue 4.2 | “Pitch Drop”


Featured writers:
Anders Kolle, Jonathan Kemp, Marin Abell, Martin Howse, Jeffrey Cohen, Rosemary Emma Lee, Will Schrimshaw, and Jussi Parikka.

Contributing editor in collaboration with Jamie Allen, Paul Boshears, Bernhard Garnicnig, Marin Abell

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Pitch Drop // Jonathan Kemp
As viscous as pitch, there is an unstable lag in our systems of knowledge, our concrete world of objects and particles, of instances and identities. A crystallization of certainty based on the humanly observable – the source and departure for identity itself – is it not always based on a momentary insight into the rupture of some other substance? LINK //

Ground Control: A Humbling Shift // Marin Abell
In the pursuit for inclusive communities of artistic practice and theory, any transformation must be approached with a geologic sensitivity – one that appreciates the local, the transient and the foundational. Collective and individual history can be explored through the sense of play that is found in aspects of the absurd, in a project of ceaseless experiment and collaboration. LINK //

Returned to the Earth // Martin Howse
The most intimate place, the soil beneath our feet, though tamed in our distance, receives the records of our existence. The looping of human and geologic memory instils the baseness of the binary, the traces of the electromagnetic, with the desperation of contact. What kind of memories will be reverted to the earth? LINK //

Stack, Frame, Heap // Martin Howse, Jonathan Kemp
To arrange and increase – to be somewhere between the coming-to of material perception and the boundless, unformed as mud. Encounter – a cycle of geologic process with no beginning or end, no departure or destination. Particles that define the object form the identity, shaped through human presence. Existence is limit. LINK //