alethe     selected poetry in Italian translation by Valerio Cianci. Edited by Alex Tonelli, with Versi Guasti. November 2018.

Outplace     a long poem published as a chapbook by Solar Luxuriance. San Francisco–Oakland, May 2017.

Berfrois: The Book     a poem included in an anthology of new writing by Berfrois authors. Forthcoming 2018.



excerpts from The Shattering Din of the Morning Star, Vestiges_04: Aphasia, forthcoming April 2019

“technics of visibility” excerpt from a flight of objects that seemed real, Tripwire Journal (forthcoming)

“what would we do with so much silence?” excerpt from a flight of objects that seemed real, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, June 2017

“no firm ground. caixa preta corpo…” excerpt from a flight of objects that seemed real, 3:AM Magazine, November 2016

The Shattering Din of the Morning Star: Excerpt VI, Berfrois, June 2018

Erkenntnis, Undings, and the Grape, or, A Parabolic Translation of Paracelsus, as lifted from the introduction to Die Kunst des Liebens, 3:AM Magazine, June 2016



The Decay of the Third Kingdom Warscapes, (forthcoming)

Start-Up Nation, Apartheid State: The myth of “peaceful” R&D in Israel, Briarpatch, Volume 47: Number 4 (July-August 2018)

To Justify Land republication on Media Co-Op (Canada)

  1. Occupation, Power and Real Estate Motives at Asinabka
  2. Greenwashing Gentrification
  3. Discrepancies in the Values
  4. Onwards, Ecofiscal Commissions!

To Justify Land series of essays on Berfrois

  1. Introduction
  2. A Gathering Place Where The Remarkable Occurs
  3. Discrepancies in the Values
  4. Onwards, Ecofiscal Commissions!
  5. Of Coercion, Complicity and Consent



Pallas, Sorority Mansion Review: “Year of the Dog”

ВѢДѢТИ, Vestiges, vol. 2, Black Sun Lit

section VII from Outplace draft excerpt, Sleepingfish

to go as far VERStype

reprise, e-ratio poetry journal, issue 22

a small material is an orphan, Berfrois

Inversion, gobbet

3 Variations, .PLINTH.

when text is [body], Deluge

A Draft for Asinabka, continent. journal.

X8 – Y5, Berfrois



Of Milk and Honey, Hair and Blood,  Berfrois

It will be the silence, where I am?,  The Brooklyn Rail

Surrealism, Narrative and Conflict: Amanda Boulos, and Art in Diaspora  Studio Sixty Six

Design after Dance  Tokyo Space Dance

Language (im)Purity  Studio Sixty Six

A Reading of Between Differénce, and Now   Studio Sixty Six

Narratives of Conflict: Johnny Alam & Akram Zaatari at CUAG  Herd Magazine

Enabling Apartheid through Cultural Curation  Herd Magazine

Le Cargo, by Faustin Linyekula     Herd Magazine

Sketches after Far and Near and Here     Herd Magazine

The Radical Capacity of Glitch Art: Expression Through an Aesthetic Rooted in Error     REDEFINE Magazine, February 2014

Butoh Dancing: Discovering Emptiness, Embodiment & Environment in an Archaeology of Body     REDEFINE Magazine, October 2013

Fragmentation and Intimate Space in Olivier Ratsi’s Anarchitecture Photography    Afterimage: The Journal of Art and Cultural Criticism, January-February 2015

A Primer on Tuvan Throat-Singing     REDEFINE Magazine, May 2013



Reading from a flight of objects that seemed real     The Yellow Door, Montreal     Sep. 2017

Camilo Roldan, JD Larson and Lital Khaikin at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop     Poetry reading from Outplace     NYC     Sep. 2016

A Hundred Thousand Years Later     adaptation, production and performance of Samuel Beckett’s “Quad” for multimedia performance and live musical improvisation     House of Common / Maison de la Commune     March 2016

Design after Dance     Research and writing on intersections of Butoh, social design, architecture, in collaboration with Tetsuro Fukuhara of Tokyo Space Dance     2014-2015