The Green Violin


After moving to Montreal, I started a small, independent publishing project for free distribution of poetry, essays, and prose. Publications have found their way around eastern and southern Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, into Vancouver, the United States, and across the Atlantic. The press welcomed its first authors in the winter of 2017.

The Green Violin takes its name from a 1969 collaboration between Fluxus artists Joseph Beuys and Henning Christiansen. When the artists staged two concerts with a painted green violin, they meant to unite the two distinct moments in time and, with that entanglement, ritualize the bond between one another. To echo this way of connection, The Green Violin is intended to reflect facets of a struggle against capitalism, as against all violence and dogmaa struggle that is shared across geopolitical and linguistic boundaries.

The Green Violin is inspired by the creativity of resistance, courage and perseverance that is expressed by the human spirit in the face of all forms of oppression. The authors published here often write about political displacement, outrage against injustice, and long for understanding and connection between people, not states. This deep human connection, made possible through the dignity of literature and art, is one means to a life-long, critical disturbance of the unnatural order.

‘Radical’ literature is often treated as a commodity like any other, as a collector’s item, as part of a buy-in culture. It has never been more profitable for academies and publishing institutions, including those who self-present as radical or anarchist presses, to publish inaccessible ‘incendiary’ literature while perpetuating their businesses on the exclusive cult of personality that draws sales. There are unprecedented profits for the publishing of guides, how-to’s, and manuals for convenient revolutions. Molotovs are fashion statements!