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Muckraker Leafkicker Stonetumbler Sheetsplitter. Melusina.

Lital Khaikin is a Russian-Canadian writer and publisher based in Montréal. Her chapbook Outplace was published with San Francisco-based press, Solar Luxuriance, in May 2017. A selection of her writing, alethe, was translated into Italian for digital publication by Versi Guasti in November 2018. Other literary writing has appeared in publications including Sorority Mansion Review: “Year of the Dog”, 3:AM Magazine, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Berfrois, .PLINTH., sleepingfish, and the “Vestiges” journal by Black Sun Lit.

Her investigative journalism can be found in Canadian publications like Briarpatch and the Media Co-op, with forthcoming work in Warscapes. Some of her reportage has been translated into Mandarin for the Taiwanese publication Coolloud Collective (苦勞 “hard labour / тяжелая работа”). Her arts journalism has been published in The Brooklyn Rail, Redefine Magazine, Guerilla Magazine, and Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism. She is a recipient of an award in journalism for her writing on Tuvan throat-singing from the 2013 Khoomei International Symposium in Kyzyl, Tuva. She has previously edited with the team of continent. journal, and has participated in residencies in Germany, Austria, and Denmark.

She is the founder and publisher of The Green Violin, a slow-burning ‘samizdat’-style literary press for the free distribution of poetry, essays, prose, and literary paraphernalia.



Equal liberty for every individual is only the resultant, continually reproduced, of this mass of material, intellectual and moral influence exercised on him by all the individuals around him, belonging to the society in which he was born, has developed and dies. To wish to escape this influence in the name of a transcendental liberty, divine, absolutely egoistic and sufficient to itself, is the tendency to annihilation. To refrain from influencing others would mean to refrain from all social action, indeed to abstain from all expression of one’s thoughts and sentiments, and simply to become non-existent. This independence, so much extolled by idealists and metaphysicians, individual liberty conceived in this sense would amount to self-annihilation.” – Errico Malatesta.



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