e: lital.khaikin[at]gmail.com

PGP fingerprint: FE60 E042 A765 C0D4 1F3B 51FD C22C 0D8B D361 854B
public key

Outplace is being published with San Francisco-based press, Solar Luxuriance. Forthcoming book a flight of objects that seemed real: “at this stage it’s hard to say” / “too rooted in the real world”. Plus tard. Poems have appeared in continent. journal, .PLINTH., Berfrois, sleepingfish, Tarpaulin Sky, gobbet, deluge, e-ratio, VersType, and Black Sun Lit. [smashing hegemonic authority of Complete Work (or something) by publishing Drafts. “It’d be better to send to publishers when complete, no?…”] Other writing has been published in: 3:AM Magazine, continent. journal, The Brooklyn Rail, yr local dumpster, Afterimage, REDEFINE Magazine, Craigslist.

red carnation is by THOR (flickr).

. . .

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