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Writer, editor, publisher, printer, muckraker, paper-maker, mill-rat, sometimes bartender, leaf-kicker. Melusina. Outplace was published with San Francisco-based press, Solar Luxuriance, in May 2017. Forthcoming book a flight of objects that seemed real: plus tard. Journalistic work has appeared in Berfrois, the Media Co-op (Canada), and The Leveller (somesuch). Other writing has appeared in 3:AM Magazine, continent. journal, The Brooklyn Rail, Queen Mob’s, .PLINTH., Berfrois, sleepingfish, Tarpaulin Sky, gobbet, deluge, e-ratio, VersType, Black Sun Lit., REDEFINE Magazine, Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism, Craigslist, yr local dumpster. [smashing hegemonic authority of Complete Work by publishing Drafts.]

Forthcoming excerpt of flight of objects in Tripwire (autumn 2018), selected poetry in Italian, translation by Valerio Cianci, in Kipple e-books (Italy, 2018), article in Briarpatch (July/August 2018).

[current] doing everything about and for independent literary press called The Green Violin, for the free distribution of poetry, essays, prose, and literary paraphernalia.

[ex-] continent. journal editorial team. thematics: advanced capitalist frameworks; anthropocentric epistemologies; projects of statehood; the extension of warfare into digital and infrastructural milieus; political agency in emergency states and self-determining communities; and the experience of liminal and transitory zones of city space.


Still from video by Nina Jäger, Bernhard Garnicnig, Paul Boshears, Maximilian Thoman, Jamie Allen. continent. Extending the Dialogue on the Technosphere. Production Residency,, Innsbruck, April 2017.



Equal liberty for every individual is only the resultant, continually reproduced, of this mass of material, intellectual and moral influence exercised on him by all the individuals around him, belonging to the society in which he was born, has developed and dies. To wish to escape this influence in the name of a transcendental liberty, divine, absolutely egoistic and sufficient to itself, is the tendency to annihilation. To refrain from influencing others would mean to refrain from all social action, indeed to abstain from all expression of one’s thoughts and sentiments, and simply to become non-existent. This independence, so much extolled by idealists and metaphysicians, individual liberty conceived in this sense would amount to self-annihilation.” – Malatesta


red carnation is by THOR (flickr).


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